Professional offers for individual groups, health and wellness-companies and hospitals

  • Homöopathie,
  • Bodyforming and Fatreducing-Programs
  • Lessons, Training, consulting and casting for staff (we optimize your staff with best education) in Hotels, on cruise-ships, in holiday-clubs, pharmacy (medical-cosmetic and wellness) and private wellness and beauty –studios/salons, indoor-lessons in your company, out-door lessons in cooperation with a famous school in munich
  • Train the trainer/teacher for all our programs in menue
  • Looking for well educated staff for in upper named organizations
  • Considering for products around our business
  • Conceptions for Clinic and Spa-projects, individual treatment-programs, private- label

Individual group and personal offers: (to add a luxury all around service for your patients guests/clients)

  • Sport exercise – Lessons/ Fitness, early morning gym-class (Movie)
  • Qi Gong – Lessons
  • Self Defense – Lessons /Kung Fu
  • Meditation - Lessons
  • Basic Yoga –Lessons
  • Analysing body-movements for efficiency increasing health
  • Programs for power , inner spirit and against energy-loosing
  • Electronic –Muscle-Stimulation (EMS-Training)“Body-architect”
  • personal health-coach
  • and for your special events: stage –presentation on fairs (moderation), working sessions. This program was build up in about 30 years together with a very good team of teachers, doctors, experts and colleagues all around this growing up business for the future – and I am still learning to be the best for you and your patients/ clients.